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When it comes to common household problems, few things are more frustrating than a broken garage door spring. Malfunctioning springs can lead to door issues, jeopardizing the safety of individuals and property in and around the garage. Don’t let rusty or busted springs be a cause for concern. Take proactive measures and schedule a reliable garage door spring repair or replacement with Champions Garage Door Repair, the leading garage door service provider in Maryland.

At Champions Garage Door Repair, we understand the importance of addressing spring problems promptly. Our skilled team specializes in garage door spring repair and replacement, ensuring the safe and efficient operation of your garage door. With our expertise and top-notch service, you can trust us to resolve any issues related to garage door springs.

As the trusted choice in Maryland, we are committed to delivering exceptional service and customer satisfaction. Whether you need a spring repair or a complete replacement, our experienced technicians have the skills and knowledge to get the job done right.

Don’t let a broken spring disrupt your daily routine. Contact Champions Garage Door Repair today to schedule your garage door spring repair or replacement. We are here to provide reliable and efficient solutions to all your garage door needs!

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Broken Garage Door Spring Repair

If your garage door springs are broken and you need prompt repairs, there is no better company for the job than Champions! Our certified technicians can arrive as quickly as the same day to fix your garage door springs, even on the weekends. All of our team members are trained to work with both torsion and extension springs, and we provide warranties on both parts and labor for all our spring repairs.

Safety Note: If your garage door springs are broken, avoid from attempting to lift or operate the door using your opener system. The springs are responsible for lifting the majority of the door’s weight, making it virtually impossible to lift without functioning springs. Trying to lift such a heavy load can result in injuries. Additionally, the garage door opener can only handle a specific amount of weight, putting the gear inside the opener at risk of breaking. It is better to prioritize safety and call our spring repair experts instead!

Garage Door Spring Replacement

If your springs have suffered significant damage, you may require more than just a garage door spring repair. Pay attention to these indicators that suggest the need for new garage door spring installation:

Types of Garage Door Springs

Our technicians encounter two main kinds of garage door springs when performing broken garage door spring repair: torsion springs and extension springs. Find some more info on these components below:

torsion garage door springs

Torsion Garage Door Springs

Torsion springs are found along the top of your garage door. If you have torsion springs, your garage door will have either one or two springs.

extension garage door springs

Extension Garage Door Springs

Extension springs, sometimes called tension springs, are found along the sides of your garage door. If you have extension springs, you will always have two springs (one on each side of the door).

Which type of spring is better? In our opinion, torsion springs are the better spring system for your door, as torsion springs are much safer and last longer. In addition, repairing broken garage door torsion springs is a quicker and easier process (although you should still always call experts to do this job).

If you are interested in changing the type of springs used in your garage, let our technicians know. We can convert most systems in order to replace extension springs with safer, stronger torsion springs.

Our Process

Whether we’re replacing your broken garage door tension springs or you need a quick cable repair, we always do the job right. We follow these “best practices” during all garage door repair jobs:

If your garage door has two springs, they must work together to operate in sync. This is why even if you only have one broken garage door tension spring, it is crucial to replace them both. Your springs need to be wound the same way to ensure they can work together; otherwise, you can end up causing even more damage. For example, your door may end up lifting unevenly and coming off track if the springs are uneven.

All of our garage door spring repairs begin with a standard safety inspection. Our technicians will take a look at your door and hardware to make sure everything else is running as smoothly as possible before we begin garage door spring repair.

We never cut corners when replacing garage tension springs or torsion springs! Our team only uses the highest quality steel springs to make sure they last for years to come. The springs we use last over 10,000 cycles, and we carry over 100 different types to ensure that we have the best spring for your garage door.

Should You Consider Repairing Garage Door Springs or Replacing Them?

Customers frequently inquire about whether we recommend repairing or replacing garage door springs. While each situation is unique, as a general guideline, we advise replacing garage door springs rather than repairing them. Once springs reach a certain level of wear and tear, repairing them will only delay their inevitable failure. Opting for new garage door spring installation is a cost-effective solution that offers significant peace of mind. Don’t take the chance of facing a garage door emergency! Consult with our experts today regarding the replacement of your garage tension springs, and enjoy a quieter and hassle-free garage door experience.

Let Us Help Bring Your Garage Door Spring Back to Life!

Whether you reside in Ellicott City, Towson, Baltimore, Randallstown, Hanover, Milford Mill, Woodlawn, Jessup, Catonsville, Pikesville, Elkridge, West Friendship, Marriottsville, Columbia, Clarksville, Woodstock, Sykesville, Glenelg, Laurel, Bel Air, Annapolis, or Mount Airy, MD, our team of skilled garage door technicians is ready to alleviate all your garage door spring concerns. Contact us today via phone or schedule a service online, and rest assured, we’ll be in touch promptly!

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