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If your garage door springs are broken and you need them repaired fast, then give us a call here at Champions Garage Door Repair. We carry over 100 different springs that have high cycles over 10,000 to match any garage door. Our springs are made from high quality steel to ensure that they last you as long as possible. Our certified technicians can come out as quickly as the same day to fix your garage door springs, including the weekends! Our professional technicians are trained to work with both torsion and extension springs. We offer warranties on both parts and labor for all of our spring repairs, so give us a call today to have us come out and take a look at your broken garage door springs.

Signs That Your Garage Door Spring May Need to Be Replaced

There are a few signs that you should keep an eye our for when trying to see if your garage door spring needs to be replaced. Here are some important things to take a look at:

  • Your garage door springs should be in one piece. If they are split in half or in multiple sections, then that is a sign that they have snapped.
  • The garage door will not open, or will open partway and go back down. Your garage door springs are responsible for lifting the heavy weight of your door, so if your opener cannot open the door that is a sign that they are not working properly.
  • The garage door is extremely heavy when trying to lift it manually. Again, your springs help to lift the majority of the weight of the door, so the door being heavy is a key sign that your springs may have broken.

The cables on the side become unwound or snapped. When your springs are broken, the cables will try to pick up the slack and as a result will tangle or break entirely.

our garage door spring best practices

Here at Champions Garage Door Repair, our company implements the best practices in order to ensure your satisfaction. We make sure our technicians are safe and efficient when doing all types of garage door spring repairs. Our company is the best choice for your spring replacement because we will make sure the job gets done right, saving you the hassle and the money compared to other competitors. Our technicians will do the job as quickly as possible to ensure the safety of everyone in your household, while still ensuring the best possible service.

replacing both springs

If your garage door has two springs, it is important that they work together and in-sync. This is why even if only one of your springs is broken it is important to replace them both. Your springs need to be wound the same way to ensure that they are able to work together, otherwise it could cause even more damage. For example, your door can lift unevenly and as a result become off-track. To prevent that we always replace both of your garage door springs (if you have two).

safety inspection

All of our garage door spring repairs begin with a standard safety inspection. Our technicians will take a look at your door and hardware to make sure everything else is running as smoothly as possible before we begin our repairs.

using the right springs

Here at Champions Garage Door Repair, we only use the highest quality steel springs to make sure they last your garage door for years to come. Our springs last over 10,000 cycles, and we carry over 100 different types to ensure that we have the best spring for your garage door.

types of garage door springs

There are two main types of garage door springs that our technicians work with. This is what they are and how to tell what your garage door has:
Torsion garage door springs

torsion garage door springs

Torsion springs are found along the front on the top of your door. If you have torsion springs, your garage door will have one or two springs. So, keeping that in mind, which type of spring is better? Torsion springs are the better spring system for your door. This is due to the fact that they are much safer and last longer than their extension spring counterparts. 

Extension garage door springs

Extension garage door springs

Extension springs are found along the sides of your garage. If you have extension springs, you will always have two springs (one on each side of the door).

Replacing Extension Springs with Torsion

If you are interested in changing over your extensions spring system to a torsion spring system, our technicians can do that for you. Any homeowner can replace extension springs with torsion springs, just make sure to mention it to our technician so he can find the right springs for you.

What Not To Do After the Springs Break

Do not try to lift or operate the garage door with the opener after your springs break. This can cause more damage to your garage door and even your opener! The springs help to lift the majority of the weight of your door, so it will most likely be impossible to lift without the special tools. It is very likely you will hurt yourself if you attempt to lift this much weight. In addition, the garage door opener can only handle so much weight. It is likely that you will break the gear inside of the opener if you try to operate the door while the springs are broken because all of the weight will strain the opener.

The Dangers of Replacing the Garage Door Springs Yourself

It is strongly discouraged for you to replace your garage door springs yourself. This is a dangerous part of your garage door because of all the tension, so only trained professionals should handle this job. IF your garage door spring flies off of your door while you are trying to replace it, it could be possibly fatal. Please give us a call to replace your springs when they are broken and we will make sure to do it as quickly and safely as possible.

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