Residential Garage Door Spring Repair


Broken garage door springs repair and garage door spring replacement are our specialty here at Champions Garage Door Repair. We truly understand that it is the most common issue that can leave you and your car trapped inside the garage. No need to worry, though – our trusted technicians can easily diagnose this issue and can even have your garage door working again in no time. We have all garage door springs readily on hand, with all makes and models guaranteed to well-fitted with the highest quality of garage door torsion and extension springs. Our garage door spring repair in Maryland includes a complete service and lubrication of your door. It is also backed by the best spring and labor warranty the industry has to offer.

The Importance of Garage Door Springs

In case you did not know, the springs for a garage door are directly placed above the door. This strategic placement allows you to identify whether or not they have become damaged in the long run. Considering how garage door springs work, it is possible for them to go through a large amount of wear and tear every time you use the door. If you open and close the door multiple times each day, it is only expected for the springs to be in continuous movement. This also means, however, that they could start to deteriorate over time. The moment you start to notice these issues, you should consider seeking services for garage door springs repair in Maryland.

Dangers of Broken Garage Door Springs

There are absolutely a plethora of reasons why it is important for you to have your garage door springs repair or replaced. But perhaps the foremost of all of these is the fact that the door can slam and shut suddenly without any forewarning. This, in particular, could easily result in broken bones or, worse, death. You definitely do not want yourself and your loved ones in such dangerous situation. With that said, it is only beneficial for these broken parts to be either repaired or replaced, but make sure you do this by acquiring the help of a professional garage door company in Maryland.

Why Choose Champions Garage Door Repair in Maryland?

If you need garage door springs repair and/or replacement in Maryland, make Champions Garage Door Repair your first call. All of our service technicians, all of whom are licensed and highly-trained, have been with us for many years. These experienced garage door repair professionals will come to your house at your earliest convenience and get your issue fixed in the quickest, safest, and efficient manner possible. Champions Garage Door Repair offers a variety of replacement parts, we replace torsion springs and we also replace garage door extension springs. Even if your garage door has unusually sized springs, which sometimes need to be special-ordered, we will clamp your broken spring so you can continue using your garage door until the replacement spring can be installed. Note that clamping the spring is only a temporary solution, not a complete repair. So, as much as possible, make sure that the new springs are installed immediately.