Choosing the Right Garage Door Opener

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Today, you can find many garage door opener types but which one is the right type for you?

Having garage door is a convenient idea because they keep your family away from intruders and danger. It offers extra security in your place while improving the aesthetic value of your home or commercial building. Today, you can find thousands of garage door opener that may provide you with the kind of door that you need for your garage.

In selecting a quality and long-lasting garage door opener brand, you will have to consider several factors in order to arrive at the best choice. It is important as the homeowner that you have researched about your options very well in order to get the most of your money. So, you’ve decided to buy garage door opener for your home, yet still undecided which product to invest in. Worry not! Here are important factors that will help you choose the best garage door opener!

Over the years, garage door has been a prominent part of every home’s facade. More color choices and styles are now available to complement houses. As what Bette Davies of Richards-Wilcox Canada said, the garage door is not just a piece of our home’s background – it should look beautiful. So, here are important options a homeowner should take into account when buying a new garage door opener.

Type Of Garage Door Openers

Basically, there are three main types of garage door openers:

Chain Drive

chain drive garage door opener
The most common type as it is suited to almost all widths or heights of door openings, besides having the capacity to lift various materials. It is also affordable and makes use of chain for moving the door. As what the name suggests, this opener uses a chain, which is connected to your garage door. In return, it pushes or pulls the entrypoint in the track.

Belt Drive

belt drive garage door opener
It is similar to chain drive, though it operates using a rubber belt. It is the quietest type among all, however a bit more expensive. Belt drives can either be used with light or heavy materials as well as ideal for a multi-panel or one piece garage doors.

Jack Shaft/Wall Mount

jackshaft garage door opener

It’s the least commonly used. Jack shaft is a computerized system, meaning to say it often contains automatic deadbolts.

Factors to Consider


Garage doors are made of aluminum, steel, wood, and fiberglass/PVC overlay. To decide which material to choose, consider the design, maintenance, durability, and cost.

Door Size and Weight

Look for a garage door system according to the size of your garage door. Some taller doors might need an extension kit.
If you have a heavy and large garage door, a screw drive may not be a good option. Chain drive openers are good for garage doors that are heavier.


Check the horsepower (HP) ratings. For residential models, the ratings should range from 1/2 to 1-1/2 horsepower motor. A 1/2 horsepower is enough for sectional double-car garage doors.

Noise Level

If you’re sound-sensitive, then a belt drive or screw drive is your ideal choice.


Choose a garage door system that will make you wait less in the driveway for your garage entranceway to open.

Safety and Security

Over 13,000 people were injured by garage doors in 2007, which is why safety and security should be given paramount consideration. Choose a system with safety and security features, like rolling codes, infrared beams, and automatic reversing action sensors.

Extra Features

There are various features you may also want to consider, including internet connectivity, battery backup, rolling code security technology, overhead lights, keypads or touchpads for remote entry, and smart home connections.
Entrapment sensors are also important as per UL325 safety standards. This feature depends on a laser in order to identify whether anything hinders your door before you close it. Aside from that, door reversal features is highly recommended as well.


Lastly, know your budget. Your buying decision depends on the amount of your budget, after all. If you have more money, a belt drive is such a good purchase. But if your budget is restricted, you can opt for chain drive.

Tips For Buying Garage Door Opener

Seek referrals.

It is ideal to seek the help from your family and friends who have recently bought openers if you are planning to buy garage door opener. They can attest on the quality and durability of a garage door opener. Moreover, they may even give good recommendations where you can find second-to-none products.

Consider highly esteemed reviews online.

At present, one of the standards of a quality garage door opener that it must have good feedback from its users. With that being said, you might want to go online and look out for some positive reviews from customers.

Compare different brands.

Another ideal way to narrow down your preference for garage door opener is to compare the different features of your prospects. This way, you would be able to find the right feature that will exactly match to your exact needs.

Quality makes the difference.

If you are still puzzled and confused after following the tips above, the right thing is to focus on quality.
It is crucial to think through these before making a final acquisition. This way, you can make a happy and successful investment.

Final Thought

The garage door is the last thing you can probably notice within your property. Though it serves a great role in safeguarding your property and family (some garage door tend to serve as an entry point to property), you will be less likely to recognize its presence not until it suddenly stops functioning. One of the usual cause of a malfunctioning garage door is choosing broken or low quality of garage door opener. If you all else fails, seek help from pros. Professional technicians have the necessary tools and essential knowledge in choosing and installing the garage door opener. This only implies an effective work that saves you from further damage. Moreover, DIY repair can pose a greater risk of injury which may cost you expensive medical bills.

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