professional Garage door CABLE repair services

A garage door will work if all hardware and accessories work. From the cables to the springs, door opener and rollers, and even screws and bolts. A garage door cable is hardware that counterbalances all functions of the door. One small issue on this garage door part can change the whole system. It is ideal to keep the cables from failing. With this, scheduling maintenance and inspection will do the trick.

High Quality, Professional Garage Door Cable Repair Services

As one of the most important garage door parts, cables need special care and attention. In this regard, partnering with the top garage door repair company will be the best move. A broken garage door cable will never live up to your expectations based on its functions.

We offer high-quality garage door cable repair and services. Also, same-day and weekend services by certified technicians are on the list.

Thus, replacing cables needs an exact model and design. No need to worry, we have different cable sizes that can match any door. For additional issues, we offer labor and part warranties.

Garage Door Cable Issues Signs That You Need to Replace your Garage Door Cables

Dealing with a broken garage door cable ourselves is not an easy job. We have to check all parts and even determine the reason behind the issue. Of course, seeking professional help will make things easier. Here are a few signs to know when would be the right time for a replacement.

garage door cable issues

Old cables:

Just like any other device, garage door cables can function within a span of a few years. Exceeding its time frame is a sign that your cables are into some function troubles. It is ideal to keep ourselves informed about how long these cables can function.

Rust on the Metal Cables

Excessive rust, wear, and tear on your cables need immediate action. Leaving them on the cables will cause function issues and delay the whole system. One simple tip, apply a lubricant to these parts to avoid rust. Lubricants can help in avoiding rust and can keep your cables from any troubles.

Jammed or Snapped Cables

Garage door cables are one of the most important door parts. It counterbalances all garage door functions and even helps in avoiding accidents. Yet, a broken garage door cable can be stressful.

Jammed or snapped cables are signs that your cables need immediate action. Replacing the cables can help in keeping the balance and avoid accidents. Thus, having a certified technician to do the job will change the whole story.

The Safety Cable

Cables exist to help the springs in countering all forces directed at the door. Thus, it keeps the door safe from jamming and snapping situations. As an owner, it is our job to keep ourselves informed about how these cables work.

Garage door spring systems have two types: Extension and Tension springs. Normally, cables are on both sides of the door where the springs move. On the extension spring system, there is a cable called the “safety cable”.

A safety cable is a little bit smaller than the existing cable. It assists the cables in countering the forces directed at the door. When the main cables fail to function, these cables do their job at assisting. Moreover, safety cables help in avoiding fall-out scenarios.

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