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Many garage owners don’t expect that there will come a time when they will need to replace their garage door and they don’t plan to install a new garage door until their garage door exhibits functionality issues. And then they scurry for a new garage door installation. 

In reality, there are many instances wherein you would need a garage door replacement. 

  • When your door is more than 20 years old and deteriorating
  • If your garage door is discontinued, and it needs parts replacement
  • You want to sell your house, but you plan to add more value to it first 
  • You’re renovating, and you want to boost your curb appeal
  • When you want to cut costs on your electricity bill by installing an insulated garage door

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If you’re looking for the best garage door installation specialist, Champions Garage Door Repair is what you need. We have licensed and reliable technicians who can do the job correctly and efficiently.We’ve been in the garage door installation industry for decades now. Hence, you can be sure that our technicians know what they’re doing.

To begin with, we will size your garage door to determine the perfect dimensions for the replacement.

We’ll also show you different garage door styles, colors, materials, and add-ons you can choose from. Rest assured that we will provide you with a cost estimate for whatever garage door design you pick.Our new garage door installation involves old garage door removal. It also comes with the replacement of your old tracks, cables, rollers, and your spring system with new hardware.

The types of garage doors We Work With

Here at Champions Garage Door Repair, we value every installation project we embark on. That’s why we always strive to ensure the quality and reliability of our installation services.

We offer garage doors from big-league brands, including Amarr, Clopay, and Wayne Dalton. Apart from our top-of-the-line garage doors, we’re also proud of our technicians who can install them properly. 

Our technicians can provide you with glass garage doors if you prefer them. However, we generally recommend steel garage doors due to the four principal benefits they offer.

types of garage doors

Durable and strong

Steel garage doors are resistant against almost anything. They do not warp, dent, and crack easily, and they can withstand pressure and damages.

Low upkeep

 Steel garage doors don’t require regular maintenance and repairs. The most you’ll need to do is to wash them whenever they’re getting dirty.

Lowers energy bills

You can install garage door insulation to maintain the heat in your garage space during cold months. That means your heater doesn’t need to overwork, consequently lowering your energy consumption.

Reduces outside noise

Insulated steel doors also act as a buffer against loud noises. Thus, you won’t hear these annoying street sounds in full volume inside your house.

Working With the Most Recognizable Brands

Styles of Garage Doors

Installing a new garage door is your opportunity to beautify and add value to your home. Thus, you shouldn’t waste it by picking the wrong garage door design.

To guide you in choosing, here are the different garage door styles you may consider installing. 

  • Carriage-house garage door – carriage garage doors look like the doors of carriage houses. Only now, instead of horses, they store and secure your car.
  • Traditional garage door – Traditional garage doors are classic, simple, and clean. You can customize the rectangular panels that define the garage door style to your desired design.
  • Contemporary garage door – clean horizontal lines and excellent functionality characterize modern garage doors. They are ideal for modern homes where classic lines are also present

Another method to boost your curb appeal is to install decorative hardware and windows to your garage door. Accessories such as clavos, strap hinges, ring pulls, latches, and handles can take your garage door design to the next level.

What Is Insulation in Garage Doors?

If you own a garage, you can install garage door insulation by adding a layer of foam (polystyrene or polyurethane). This is the insulating material that prevents excessive heat transfer to and from your garage.

As a result, your garage space will stay cool in the summer and warm in winter. Because of that, you’ll feel comfortable despite the weather outside your house.

Furthermore, you don’t have to turn on your heater or cooler for extended periods. This will leave you with a low electricity bill at the end of the month. 

On the other hand, you won’t enjoy this comfort and energy efficiency if you have an uninsulated garage door. Your indoor garage temperature will simply adjust to the outside temperature. 

If you plan to install an insulated garage door, you should identify the right R-value that fits your needs. 

Simply put, the insulation R-value pertains to how good of an insulator your garage door is. Or, how effective your door is at slowing the transfer of heat.

Higher R-values are ideal because they are more energy-efficient. We suggest that you acquire an R-11 insulated garage door or higher. For maximum insulation, you can get a garage door with an R-value of 12-16.

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