professional Garage door panel replacement services

One of the many garage door components you should regularly keep in check is the garage door panels. The panels that make up your garage door are easily noticeable from outside your house. Hence, your curb appeal will diminish if you have broken panels.

Not only that, but damaged panels may also affect the performance of your garage door. If you have bent or broken panels, then you’ll have a hard time operating your door. In case your panels go out of shape, you need a panel replacement to rebuild your garage door. 

High Quality Garage Door Panel Replacement Services

Garage door replacement is an uncommon solution to damaged panels. That’s because expert technicians try garage door panel replacement first to resolve panel issues. At Champions Garage Door Repair, we care about the practicality and affordability of our services. That’s why our certified technicians perform panel replacement when it’s applicable, rather than new garage door installation.

We’ve been working with popular garage door brands over our years of service. Hence, we can replace your panels regardless of what garage door you have.

We are also available on any day, including weekends with no additional charge. What’s more, we offer a warranty on labor and parts. Thus, you can rest assured of the quality of our service.

Different Garage Door Panel Damages

When Should You Replace Garage Door Panels?

No matter how strong and hardy your garage door panels are, they are not immune to dents and damages. There are many reasons for a garage door to break. Here are some of the common causes of damaged panels.

garage door panel replacement

Natural wearing

Garage doors wear out after some time. If your garage door is decades old, then it may already be deteriorating. If you have trivial dented panels, they will become more conspicuous as years go by.

Weather conditions

Strong winds are notorious to bring debris that may dent and break your door. High winds alone can leave you with bent panels, especially if your garage door is off-track. Dented panels may also result from hailstones, while rusted panels may come from moisture from the rain and humid air.


Minor impacts from small objects, such as sports balls, stones, hailstones, and animals will leave small dents on your door. However, stronger impacts, such as from a car or tree will result in bigger damages. You may end up with broken panels because of such events.

Consequently, severely damaged panels will compromise your security, curb appeal, and garage door performance.

Panel Replacement Vs. Garage Door Replacement

garage door panel replacement

Panel Replacement

If you notice that your garage door panels are no longer in good shape, you should start thinking about repairing them. One solution to your problem is panel replacement. 

This type of service only involves the affected panels. You will only need to replace them with new ones, while the unaffected panels remain. Call us seven days a week for an estimate!

garage door replacement

Garage Door Replacement

Another solution you can avail of is garage door replacement. This service is more expensive than panel replacement since you’ll be changing all panels, including the ones without damage.

Thus, we highly recommend panel replacement, especially if you only have a few impaired panels. 

On the other hand, a new garage door installation is ideal if your entire door or almost all panels break.

Other scenarios wherein you can opt for garage door replacement are the following:

  • Your garage door is already old and shabby.
  • You want to invest in a newer and better garage door (insulated door).
  • You want to boost the selling price of your home.
  • You’re renovating and you want your garage door to match your new house style.
  • Parts for panel replacement are no longer available for your obsolete garage door.


If you encounter any of these needs or desires, contact Champions Garage Door Repair. We offer exceptional garage door services that will improve the appearance and performance of your door. 

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