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Commercial garage door repair and installation

We understand how vital your garage door is to the security and functionality of your business. For this, we provide expert commercial garage door repair, replacement, and installation.

Quality products and customer service are our top priorities. We hope that every large business feels safe with their garage doors, which serve as the gateway for cars, trucks, and other essential means of transportation. So, you need access to exceptional garage door service.

Our commitment to quality commercial garage doors spans to the suppliers we use. Before signing onto a garage door supplier, we vet and ensure the legitimacy of the brands. As a result, we work with only the finest garage door suppliers in the industry, such as ‘Amarr’ and ‘Clopay’.

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professional commercial garage door services

Garage door wear and tear is natural. We can repair and replace all parts that break because of natural use. Broken cables and springs, bent doors and panels, rollers, and bent or broken tracks are all within our expertise. Our commercial garage door repair extends throughout the following areas:
commercial garage door services

commercial garage door Panel replacement

The panels on your garage door make up the exterior. Broken or bent doors can affect the appearance and security of the door. Moreover, bent or broken panels, can only be replaced, not repaired. Often, when one panel breaks or gets bent, a lot of people like to think that they need to replace the entire door. This is entirely false. Bent panels require a simple individual replacement. You should not have to buy a new door when all it takes is a new panel.

commercial garage door Spring repair

Garage door springs help with the opening and closing of the door. Broken springs mean broken doors that cannot open or close properly. Commercial garage doors tend to use Torsion springs. When one breaks, the only solution is a replacement. We provide heavy-duty quality commercial garage door springs for the safe movement of your door and are built to last for 12,000 cycles, and defiantly stand the test of time.

commercial garage door Cable repair

The cables affect the opening and closing movements of garage doors. Cables typically accompany doors with Torsion springs. It is important to note that broken cables can only be replaced. Contact us for proper replacement of new commercial garage door cables.

commercial Garage Door Off Track Repair

Garage door tracks support the movement of garage doors. After some time, the tracks can bend or break, in that case, you are just one call away from the proper repairs. Another common problem, tracks can misalign. In the case of misalignment, our team can execute a simple repair and realign the tracks back to their proper position.

commercial garage door Roller replacement

Cracked or broken rollers cause jams when opening and closing the door. Most of the time, broken commercial garage door rollers can only be replaced since they are such an influential part of the door.

Working With the Most Recognizable Brands

Commercial Garage Door Installation

As a commercial garage door company, we specialize in fixing and replacing garage doors of all sizes. Our services even extend out to garage door installation. Sometimes, you know when you need a new garage door. Whether it is for a new project or it is time to update the old one. Other times, you need professional advice to recommend it. No matter the reasoning, call us for professional service and high-quality commercial overhead doors. We ensure that all businesses receive the best garage door installations. That is why we only provide doors from the best suppliers: ‘Amarr’ and ‘Clopay’.

Commercial Garage Door Openers repair and installation

All businesses with garage doors need an effective way to open them. We partner with the number one garage door opener supplier, ‘LiftMaster’, so that all companies we work with have access to high-quality commercial garage door openers.

‘LiftMaster’ openers are built to last. They are perfect for companies that use their doors every day. Plus, they can easily be customized to fit any work environment.

Just like our services for garage doors, we can install, repair, and replace openers. Commercial garage door openers can be very technical and complicated, so for your own safety and safety of others, a professional should install them.

We also repair openers. Again, openers can be very complicated. What seems like an easy fix can be a lot more complex. For larger commercial garages, this holds especially true. Additionally, minor inconveniences may signify a replacement. We can also replace openers if this is the case.

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commercial garage door opener

Why trust us as your professional garage door company?

commercial garage door services

The professional and friendly commercial garage door services we provide work on a wide variety of garage doors, both big and small. We specialize in garage doors so that we can expect installations, repairs, and replacements of all sizes. No matter the scale of your business or the dimensions of the garage, we can help you keep the gateway to it all working safely and correctly.

We offer three primary garage door services: installation, repair, and replacement. If you have any complications with your garage, call us for an inspection. Our experienced technicians arrive at your commercial garage, look for any problems, and then prescribe the safest and most affordable solutions. We take pride in our expert commercial garage door repair. A lot of our competitors like to find small problems and charge customers for big, unnecessary solutions at an unreasonable price. Sometimes, all that a garage door needs is a simple fixing.

There is no need for a total replacement when the only issue is a broken garage door spring. So, our team of professionals accurately diagnose the problems and treat the doors with the proper solution. You do not have to pay ridiculous prices to get your business back to normal. There are times when businesses like to take matters into their own hands. We advise not too, especially when it comes to commercial garage doors. 

Trying to fix or even install different parts can be very hazardous to the repairer and to anyone who may use the door afterward. Plus, for those without much garage repair experience, a simple fix can turn into a complete replacement if not correctly restored. Calling in an expert ensures that the garage door works correctly and properly for future use.

All our services are available seven days a week, so no matter the business schedule, we are here every day to make sure that all runs smoothly because we understand that your business cannot operate efficiently without functioning garage doors. Call us for a service that is accessible all week long!

commercial garage door repair service
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