Garage Door Roller Replacement


There are various reasons why a garage door roller is considered an important component. But perhaps the most significant one is the fact that it affects the door’s ability to function smoothly and properly. These mechanisms are responsible for connecting the door slab to the system’s tracks, and thus allow the door to move efficiently and swiftly in either direction.

But when a garage door roller becomes cracked or broken, your door will get jammed. This restricts the door from closing all the way and thus leaving your valuables and home vulnerable to thieves and weather, among many others. In addition, a jam can cause indefinite frustrations to you and your family. A broken garage door roller should not be in the way of an easy and stress-free access to your home. We here at Champions Garage Door Repair, your go-to garage door technicians in Maryland, believe that a garage door roller replacement is without a doubt important.

When to Replace Your Garage Door Roller

It is really difficult to determine when a garage door roller needs repair as compared to a garage door roller replacement. While in some cases a repair can get the job done, it is still likely for the same issues to appear in the long run. Meaning, you will still have to perform the same repairs (e.g. fitting, lubrication, etc.) the moment you will need them again. This is why a garage door replacement in Maryland is always a recommended solution.

Once you notice that your garage door is opening and closing in a slower pace than usual, the possible cause could be garage door rollers that are already worn-out. Just simply perform a visual inspection of your rollers — they can be found between your door and the guide tracks. If they appear to be dirty, it is time to take action. If they are cracked and/or worn-out, then do not hesitate to call for a professional help. Sure, basic clean can be done all by yourself, but a garage door roller replacement is best left to a certified technician.

Leave the care of your garage door roller Champions Garage Door Repair. Whether you need a simple repair or a full garage door roller replacement, we are ready to help. There is no task that is small or big to us.

How Garage Door Rollers Work

Garage door rollers serve a crucial role in the overall functionality of your garage door. They basically keep the door structured to its track and, more importantly, they assist in opening and closing. As your garage door opens, each piece is guided by rollers as they move up and down the track. This process is repeated every time the garage door opens or closes.

Symptoms of a Broken or Worn Garage Door Roller

Broken or worn garage door roller will make it extremely difficult – or even impossible – for your door to move. Apparently, there are ways for you to perform an inspection on the rollers, so you can see if the pieces are either functionally damaged or missing. Broken rollers, or those that are already in the process of breaking, tend to showcase these behaviors:

Clicking – You will likely hear a clicking sound the moment you try to open or close your garage door. The click is actually caused by a misaligned piece of machinery, as it moves away from its predetermined track before it goes back to realign. The sound, in particular, is created as soon as the pieces meet the resistance and then break free. This is already an indication the pressure is the main cause of damage. If that happens, you should definitely replace the rollers of your garage door.

Dragging –The spring in your garage door (found on the overhead) is responsible for holding a massive amount of tension. And by doing so, it lets your door easy to close and open. As long as the spring is in good condition, the function will be smooth and easy. But if it is the other way around, you will feel some sort of resistance when trying to move the door. It is likely that the spring has wears or chips. And regardless of the amount of damage, it can cause tremendous inconvenience.

Grinding – Clicking is very much different from grinding, though differentiating them in terms of sound can be difficult. The latter basically resembles a metal-to-metal noise, which is an indication that the garage door rollers are causing other metal components to create friction. Still, it can result in additional wear in the long run.

Marks – You might see some strange-looking marks along the roller, particularly where the wheels are dragged or locked. And if you see dark marks in your door’s overhead assembly, you must observe the behavior of the moving parts. If you notice any clicking, dragging, or grinding, then it only means that your rollers are in disrepair.

How Can Champions Garage Door Repair Help?

We here at Champions Garage Door Repair offer you high-quality garage door rollers with bearings. Also, our garage door roller replacement is guaranteed to provide you with smooth operation and even off track prevention. All of these are achieved by using high quality rollers that are maintenance free.

Even more so, our qualified and experienced technicians are equipped with the right tools and expertise that are needed to perform top-notch garage door roller replacement. You do not have to worry about costly solutions or expensive garage door parts. That is because we will help find and install the right garage door rollers, all of which are guaranteed affordable and efficient.