When To Replace Garage Door Rollers

Your garage door roller plays a crucial role in safeguarding the overall structure of your garage door. More importantly, it helps in keeping the door’s operation smooth and secure. Unfortunately, not all homeowners across the world realize the importance that these rollers bring to their garage doors. They tend to call a professional when everything is worse, not thinking about obtaining a complete garage door roller replacement beforehand.

To help you better understand the role of your garage door rollers and everything about their existence, this guide should get you started. Apart from knowing when to replacing these garage door parts, take a look at some of the industry’s best garage door rollers. Here is everything about the topic in a nutshell!

Do Garage Door Rollers Need Lubrication?

Many homeowners are torn with the idea of lubricating their garage door rollers or not. And it is impossible that you have not given this a thought. Or perhaps you did in the past, but you did not necessarily think it is a necessity. In fact, lubrication is just part of the entire maintenance of your garage door rollers. For starters, it is ideal that you remove all vehicles and/or belongings in the garage. That way, you can prevent the possibility of them getting messed up. Make sure to remove objects that will hinder you from reaching your garage door rollers.

If you are going to examine your rollers, the first thing you need to do is check if they are worn. And if they are, then you certainly need an immediate garage door roller replacement. It is important to keep in mind that this task is not advisable for a DIY process. Doing so can only lead to accidents or injuries. You also need to check the alignment and other parts like nuts or bolts. That way, you can make sure that their integrity is well-kept. If you are unsure about what you are going to do, it is best to contact a professional garage door repair specialist. It is a worthwhile decision to make, especially if you are limited by time and tools.

How Many Rollers Does a Garage Door Have?

Actually, the aforementioned should already give you an idea. Nevertheless, the most likely answer is 10. It should be noted, however, that this one refers to the total number of garage door rollers that you can get from a standard package, one that you will get as soon as you purchase from a garage door repair company. As far as most residential garage doors are concerned, you will need at least 10 rollers to operate. This is most especially the case if you have a 7-foot high garage door. But if you have an 8-foot tall garage door, you will most likely need 12 rollers total.

What Are The Best Garage Door Rollers?

It holds true that there are lots of garage door rollers out there, each of which is unique on their own. But if you want to achieve quality and reliability, you obviously want to pick the best garage door rollers. It is all about separating the wheat from the chaff. If you want to free yourself from the burden of experience unnecessary garage repair cost, it is imperative you consider using the best garage door rollers in the market. Below are some of them:

  • AME 8006029 Garage Door Rollers
  • Fehr Bros. 6200Z Precision Sealed Bearing Garage Door Rollers
  • Ideal Security Inc. – 2″ Premium Nylon & Steel Garage Door Rollers
  • National HD-R13B 2-Inch 13 Ball Nylon Garage Door Roller
  • Garage Door Rollers Steel Rollers 12 Pack
  • How to Measure Garage Door Rollers?

Determining the correct size of your rollers can be achieved and the easiest process is to simply remove one. By doing so, you can just obtain the right measurement. But if you think removing these parts is impossible – or your time does not permit – you can always open the garage door halfway and check the rollers at eye-level for measurement. Otherwise, it is better to search online “garage door repair near me,” so you can find help from a reliable garage door company. Remember to use either a ruler or tape measure to perform this task.

Also, do not forget to measure the shaft or stem that is attached to your door’s rollers. In case you did not know, the stem length is measured in standards. So if you are going to measure yours, make sure that the new one is consistent in terms of size.

How Long Do Nylon Garage Door Rollers Last?

nylon garage door rollers

Garage door rollers are basically rated by cycles. Pretty much like any other homeowner, you are also wondering how long these rollers last? Apparently, there is a variety of factors that help determine the life cycle of a garage door roller. When it comes to nylon rollers with bearings, they are commonly rated at 10,000 cycles. Interestingly, though, nylon garage door rollers have grown in popularity largely due to their affordability. If your goal is to achieve the smoothest and quietest rollers, you should always go for the ones with plenty of bearings. But if you are more concerned with quality and affordability, these rollers will not let you down. Keep in mind that when you decide to purchase a garage door, a general rule of thumb is to make sure you are getting a high cycle endurance hardware package. And if you are able to get a great set of rollers for your garage door, there is no doubt that the former can last longer than the latter itself.

How Do I Pick the Right Garage Door Rollers?

garage door roller repair

You have to remember that your garage door rollers are an integral element in the overall structure of your garage door. They help in providing smoother, quieter, and safer operation of the door. With that said, there is really a need for you to select the perfect match for your garage door. But considering the various sizes out there, the process can be reality tricky. Apart from measuring the size, you also need to determine the material. This can actually make a huge difference; hence you need to be wary of this. As already mentioned, the more ball bearings you have, the quieter the operation of the garage door is. However, you should also be aware that he more ball bearings there are, the more you need to invest. Your overhead garage door rollers, at the end of the day, are all about allowing your investment to last for years. So, at the end of the day, the investment is worthwhile. Steel rollers can last longer, but they appear to be noisier. Nylon garage door rollers, on the other hand, can last longer and quieter. Well, there you have – your quick guide to finding the right garage door rollers and when to replace them. If you are planning to do so in the near future, remember this guide. More importantly, always seek the help of a professional garage door company. Only by doing so can you rest assured knowing that you got your money’s worth!

How Does a Garage Roller Door Works?

By understanding how a garage door roller works, you can better deal with them in a manner that is right and applicable. Basically, your garage door is operated by a counterbalance system. In case you did not know, the latter utilizes a force in an attempt to offset a weight. This leads to the narrative of introducing the two types of systems, both of which heavily depend on garage door springs in providing the much-needed assisting force: Extension Spring System – This one right here uses springs that are directly attached to cables. They are also, in turn, attached to the bottom corners of your garage door. Unfortunately, this system is infamous for not being able to last longer. Torsion Spring System – This is without a doubt the most common type when it comes to the garage door system. Torsion springs are typically mounted horizontally above the door opening. By essence, as your garage door is raised, the corrugations tend flex around in order to allow the steel curtain to roll up accordingly. The springs hidden inside the roll make it possible for your garage door to function (closing and opening) without minding its weight. Interestingly, attaching the rollers to a motor is a common scheme these days. This allows the entire operation to be controlled via a remote.
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