The Tools Every Handyman Should Have at Home

You know exactly who you are. You are that dude in your circle of friends who get the call whenever something needs to be done. When a friend needs a quick car fix, you are on it. When someone needs a shed built, you can help. But what if you do not have the basic set of tools? Do you think these tasks are possible to do? Absolutely not! Every handyman understands the need for proper tools, whether it is for a garage door or garden. It is always essential to have the right ones. If you want to be a true handyman, then it is time to collect the tools you need. Without further ado, here they are.

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Garden Tools

  • Clearing Garden Tools

These ones here are going to help you big time. If you are to collect the best garden tools, make sure to pick the ones for trimming stems and/or shoots. Also, this garden equipment can help you when it comes to sawing branches, cutting vines, and severing roots, among many others. An important tool in this set that you need to have is the Billhook saw, which has a curved blade designed specifically for quick pull cuts.

  • Digging Shovel

If you occasionally find yourself planting something that is larger than your fist, then you are going to need a garden shovel. They come in different shapes and sizes; hence, you will not worry about finding the right one. If you want one that is meant for digging up and tossing hefty loads of soil, go for the shovel with d-shaped handle. If most of your time in the garden is all about garden accessories, go for the lighter one.

  • Loppers

When it is time for cutting branches with sizes similar to that of your finger – or perhaps bigger – it is time to bring some of the best garden clippers. It is none other than the lopper. Unlike pruners and other garden shears, this one right comes with larger blades and, thus, more leverage. It gives you the much-needed cutting power, which is a must-have for a handyman like you!

  • Pruners

From deadheading flowers to cutting woody twigs or pliable stems, pruners are one of your go-to garden tools. Just like the aforementioned, pruners also come in different sizes and shapes. However, make sure that you do not go with something that is unusually bigger. Otherwise, you will likely to break the pruners.

  • Pruning Saw

It is about time to have an all-purpose saw in all of your garden works, and nothing beats the like of a quality pruning saw. Mind you, the market these days offers pruning saws that are foldable. As such, they can easily be transported and stored in your favorite garden tool storage.

  • Rake

Although the rake is usually taken out during spring, it still serves many purposes. For instance, you can use it to break up the soil before digging. The rake can also be used level mulch or soil before you start seeding a lawn.

  • Digging Fork

Often called a garden fork, this one is perfect when you are trying to loosen a very compacted soil. Also, it can be used in introducing compost and dividing the number of perennials. As much as possible, go for a digging fork with a d-handle. Doing so will give you an easier handling power when using the tool in tighter spaces.

  • Hose and Sprayer

Whether you have outdoor or indoor plants, you are going to need a good combination of hose and sprayer. They simply give you the convenience when watering plants. Remember that hose and sprayer come in a variety of materials. Some are made of either vinyl or rubber while others are between 20 and 50 ft. This really depends on the type of garden you have. Regardless, you will have this as one of the most important additions in your garden tools list.

  • Wheelbarrow

If you do not own a wheelbarrow, then you are making a huge mistake. This one simply makes all gardening tasks a little much easier. Apart from carrying compost and firewood, it is also perfect for transporting soil and other stuff. In fact, you can use it to transport garden hand tools and/or garden accessories back to the garden tool storage.

Other Basic Tools

Apart from garden and garage tools, there are those that need to be included in your list. If your goal is to become a great handyman, then make sure you collect the following basic tools. They are going to help you big time for sure!

Circular Saw – The tool you need for ripping almost anything, from steel to tile to masonry.

Tape Measure – Despite how big or small a project is, you can start anything unless you have a good tape measure.

Utility Knife and Blades – Every now and then, you are going to need a handy set of knife and blades. From cleaning to professional cutting to even sharpening a simple pencil, they are useful.

Nail Gun – Do you often find yourself hammering a number of nails? Why use a hammer when you can have a nail gun?

Drill – When it comes to power tools, there is nothing more indispensable than the drill. It can help you not only with drilling but also with screwing and even mixing paint, just to name a few.

Angle Grinder – Are you in need of a tool that lets you cut through concrete paving slabs or metal bolts? If that is the case, then find yourself a great angle grinder.

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