Reasons to Replace your Garage Door

Part of your responsibility as a homeowner is maintaining your home. You would have to repair some parts of the house that are already wearing out. You might also have to replace some parts especially if they are not functioning well anymore. Sometimes, there are just some parts of the house that you want to replace for it to be aesthetically pleasing to the eyes or in order to change the style and the feel of your home.

The garage door is an integral part of your home. It’s what people see and it’s where others create a first impression out of your home. It actually gives value to your home. It is also essential in keeping you, your family, and your properties safe and secure. There are several reasons why you should replace your garage door.

garage door installation process

1. Security

Security is a primary concern for homeowners. The garage door can keep your family and your belongings safe from thieves and home invaders. It is actually first in the line of home security. An old garage door can be a threat to your family’s security. Several cases of theft and home invasions occurred through a garage door. The new garage doors are more secure and difficult to break into because of the construction materials and the procedures in installation. They can also be synced with the latest technology in home security. Some garage doors only open when you want it to open which is made possible by the latest technology trends. It is very assuring to have a garage door with such feature.

2. Appearance

The garage door gives your home a certain character and leaves an impression to people who pass by it. Simply changing your garage door can help a lot in improving how your home looks like. There’s nothing wrong in spending money to replace your garage door even if it is still fully functional. You can replace your garage door if you feel like changing the style of your home or if you simply want to change the general appearance of your home.

3. Value

As mentioned earlier, the garage door gives value to your home because it is the first thing that people would see or notice when looking at your home. If your garage door is outdated, does not match the style of your home, or needs some repairs, it lessens the appeal of your home. Replacing your garage door with the latest ones can boost your home’s value and appeal. A new garage door is eye-catching especially if it matches the design, style, and architecture of your home.

4. Safety

Newer models of garage doors offer the latest technology when it comes to safety. Newer garage doors, for example, can detect or sense that a small kid may be in the way of the door opening or closing. When this happens, it will immediately stop in order to keep the kid safe. Old doors do not have this advanced feature yet.

5. Maintenance

Replacing your garage door with a new one will help you lessen the amount of maintenance that needs to be done. Choosing a metal garage door is low maintenance. The latest garage door models are now made of materials that don’t need regular maintenance. They only need to be cleaned by water and mild soap. Save some of your precious time and energy by getting a garage door that is low maintenance and you don’t need to clean every so often.

6. Redecorate

Changing the garage door in a different style, setting, or color can change the facade of the house. You can add windows to your garage door in order for natural light to enter into your garage. When you are already tired of how your house is styled or decorated, you can always go for changing garage doors to have your house “redecorated” a little bit.

7. Repair

When a door gets old and rusty, it can be quite hard to open and close it. Using the garage too often may give you a serious problem. Avoid having this problem by replacing your garage door. Do not wait for your garage door to be rusty and completely destroyed before replacing it with a new one.

8. Energy Costs

Some people use their garages for other purposes such as a workspace, a music room, a play place, or even for functions. The modern garage doors have proper insulation that can help regulate the temperature inside the garage. If the old garage doors don’t have proper insulation, you tend to either heat or cool the garage in order for it to be comfortable. This means that you’ll be paying more energy costs. Replacing your garage door can help maintain the temperature inside the garage and also lessen the energy costs that you consume and pay per month.

9. Storage

Aside from the garage being used as a functional room, it is also used as a storage most of the time. Garage doors that are not insulated, are old, cracked, and are poorly fitting can cause damage to the properties or things inside the garage. Another risk is that older doors are usually easy to open. This poses a risk for the things that you store inside the garage because they may either be stolen or easily damaged.

10. Insurance Benefits

Several companies that specialize in home insurance offer rewards and other benefits for those who install a new garage door with security and safety features. One of the most possible benefit is a reduced monthly payment. Whether your garage door is still fully functional or has quite some defects at present, do not hesitate in having it replaced with a new one that has more benefits than its actual cost. You might have to spend an amount by replacing your garage door with a new one but the advantages that you will get such as lower energy costs, reduced insurance price, a safer and more secure environment, will all make it worthwhile investing and spending in a new garage door.

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