10 Garage Conversion Ideas To Improve Your Home

Garage Makeover

before and after garage door transformation

A garage takes up space in your home and you can use that little space and turn it into an extension of your home. The sky is the limit when it comes to thinking of what to turn your garage into but there are a couple of factors to consider before doing so. First of all is the amount of space in your garage. Would your garage be able to hold enough furniture or stuff once you turn it into something else? Then you also have the temperature. Will the temperature be just right if your turn it into an extension of your living room or into an extended kitchen? Think about what you would like to do with your garage and then take these other factors into consideration before finally deciding on what to do with your garage. If your garage door is still functional and you don’t have to modify it for your conversion then it would be great. If you would need to do some repairs or have your garage door modified, you can also search ‘garage door repair near me’ on your browser to look for places where you can have your garage door fixed or modified.

Here are a couple of garage conversion ideas that you can choose from:

1. Extension of the Living Room

Some people turn their garages into an extension of their living room. If you have a small living room that can only fit a couple of guests, you can use the garage as an extension of your living room. You can either turn it into an al fresco living room where won’t need an air-condition and just have the windows opened for more fresh air or you can also turn it into an enclosed living room and put an air-condition to regulate the temperature. It’s important to be able to regulate the temperature if you decide to turn the garage into a living room to make it more comfortable especially since most garages tend to have a high temperature.

2. Laundry Room

If you don’t have a basement to put your washing machine and other laundry equipment at then the garage would be perfect for you. You can put all your laundry materials here such as the detergent, fabric softener, bleach, and everything else that you use when doing your laundry and you can also setup racks or poles to hang wet clothes. This makes the garage more functional.

3. Entertainment Room

The garage would be perfect to turn into a room where you can watch movies or play video games. You can have a large screen television installed in this room where you can enjoy watching movies or playing games with the family. Also put add some sofas and cushions to make it more comfortable. It would be and ideal hangout spot for you and your family or even friends.

4. Guest Room

If your garage has enough space to fit a small bed, then you can turn it into a guest room. It will save your guests from having to spend on accommodation at hotels whenever they come to visit you. Simply put a comfortable bed then add a little decoration to give it a homey feel. If your space is big enough and you have more budget, you can also turn it into a full-on guest house that’s independent of your home. You can add a bathroom and a small kitchen space so that your guests won’t have to go into your house to use these facilities. This would also be perfect for having it rented out to transients or borders.

5. Home Office

A home office would be perfect especially if you work from home or you’re the type who brings home work. Simply add a desk and a comfortable chair where you can quietly work and you’re good. This would be perfect for freelancers, writers, painters, artists, or anyone who enjoys working in a quiet place.

6. Play Room

If you have kids, the garage will be perfect for using as a play room. You can create a little playground and put slides, swings, bars, ropes, depending on the space that you have where your kids can develop their love for sports or divert their energy into. You could also turn the play room into a miniature grocery, kitchen, restaurant, school, or whatever place you can think of where kids can play pretend and use their imagination.

7. Home Gym

Some people can’t find the time to go to gym especially when they have to work long hours but it’s still important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It would be great to turn your garage into a home gym where you can work out even just for a couple of minutes each day. This is a good way to relieve yourself of stress and you also save a lot of time and money that most people spend in going to gyms.

8. Mini Library

If you are the type who loves reading books and magazines, the garage would be perfect to turn into a mini library. You can put a couple of bookshelves where you can stack your books and also a table and a couple of chairs where you can read while passing time.

9. Cozy Bar or Brewery

Another good idea is to have your very own bar or brewery where you can entertain some of your guests. It’s a great place to hangout especially during Friday or Saturday night or even on weeknights where you just want to relax after a long day at work. You can use this for special occasions or you can also turn it into a small business as long as the law and your village permits it.

10. Storage

This is the most common type of garage conversion. Many people turn their garages into a storage. They just stack storage boxes or large mailboxes to put things that they haven’t used for a long time or they haven’t sorted out yet.

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