Garage Door Not Closing? Try This Before You Call

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Garage Door Not Closing Due To Misaligned Sensors

Having problems with your Garage Door Opener?
Here are some tips to help:

Any homeowner will understand the potential frustration that comes with having a garage door, garage doors are an integral extension for any home as they are a crucial safety measure as well as them adding significant value to your home. It is of great importance that regular maintenance checks are done on your garage door ensuring that you don’t encounter any potential problems and inadvertently saving you from avoidable and unnecessary costs.

It is always recommended that if any issues are to occur with your garage door that you leave it up to the experts to evaluate and assess the issue and fix it, when it comes to garage door openers there are various checks that can be done by yourself first before calling out the professionals and I am here to explain to you the tips and tricks.

Most Common Garage Door Opener Problem, Sensors!

Often sensors can be the issue that can give the illusion of a problem with your garage door opener. The following things you can do to check that it is perhaps the sensors that are the issue.

If your garage door goes down and then back up, it could indicate that something is blocking the sensors or they came out of alignment.

Check the sensors are in correct alignment of one another, if they are then check to see if both the lights on the sensors are on if they aren’t then it could be that your sensors need replacing.

if they do light up then it is not the sensors that are the factor. Secondly ensure that your garage door opener remote is working if it is it could be the wall switch system, it is also imperative to check that the power is on and there was not a shortage and that the issue does not lie with the garage motor. Tips such as these are simply put what can save you the hassle and the money for calling out the experts, although if you have tried everything and yet nothing is operational then it is vital to call out the professionals and have it taken care of.