5 Home & Garage Expansion Ideas

Having extra functional space in your home is never a bad thing. A great way to do this is by considering attached garage ideas and garage extension plans. Keep reading to learn about the best garage addition ideas to consider when working with a garage door company!

Attached Garage Expansion

1. Add an Attached Garage

Naturally, if you don’t already have a garage, it’s a surefire way to expand your home and create more space. The good news is that finding the perfect garage to fit your space isn’t as hard as it seems.

This is partly because the concept of a garage is so versatile. You can adapt to the amount of space you need by choosing the exact size and number of bays you need. This is as well as more aesthetic options. You can also choose between plenty of options including detached or attached garage addition ideas to suit your needs.

If you already have a garage or you find that you need more space in the future, don’t worry! We’ll take a look at some add on garage ideas to craft even more space in an existing garage too.

Adding a Bay to Existing Garage

2. Adding a Bay to Existing Garage

A common requirement for extra space in a garage is the need to comfortably fit more vehicles. After all, this is what most people primarily use their garages to store their cars. It’s a versatile option as well since it works for any garage size. You can convert a small garage to a larger one with 2 car garage design ideas. For even more space, you can go as far as adding a third bay to an existing two car garage.

This is a surefire way to increase storage in your garage when you need quite a bit of it. In the end, you’re adding enough space for a car to comfortably park next to the existing bay. Plus, adding another bay will give you another access point to your garage since the additional bay is usually built outward from the side of the garage and features another garage door. It’s a surefire garage addition to an existing garage that will give you ample extra room.

3. Add a Little Extra Space Between Cars

Multiple bays are incredibly helpful but if they aren’t far enough apart, it can cause some problems. This is especially true in homes where you might need to or have children who swing the door wide. The last thing you want is to scrape the other car in your garage.

For a little more freedom entering, exiting, and moving around the car, consider creating space dedicated to this. You can expand your garage outward to add a little more space between vehicles.

4. Consider a Garage Bump Out Addition

Sometimes, you need a little more space in your garage but as much space as an additional bay. Fortunately, there are garage add on ideas that can help extend garage space without giving you more than you need. By using a bump out as in extending a garage, you can make extra space for whatever you need. This can include storing winter clothing, setting up a small workshop space, keeping your tools, and more. You could even create a bump out to create space for a smaller or more slender vehicle like a motorcycle.

Of course, you can add space on more than just the sides. A bump out can also help extend a garage forward or allow it to jut further back.

Using a bump out when adding to an existing garage is versatile as well since you can add it as needed. With a fully detached garage, you may even have the option to add a bump out addition on either side. Conversely, for attached garage addition ideas, a single bump out addition is enough to give you a little more space.

Add a Car Lift Garage

5. Add a Car Lift

Just like any other search for more storage, you won’t want to overlook storage space that might otherwise go unused. In many cases, this includes vertical space. You can take advantage of more of the unused vertical space in your garage with a car lift.

This is a little unique when it comes to garage expansion ideas since it uses space that most people overlook. On top of that, car lifts offer a lot of other benefits when you’re adding to an existing garage.

Even further, car lifts are an excellent way to add space to a garage when you can’t expand outward. Since you are using vertical storage, though, you’ll need to consider how tall your garage’s ceiling is. If you have low clearance in your garage, you’ll need to consider raising the garage roof before adding a car lift.

Expanding your home and garage are surefire ways to add a little more space to your home. Any of these home and garage extension ideas will give you just that!

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